Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy New Year. INCOMING!!!

Hello again and Happy New Year. I took a bit of a break and now I'm ready to continue this journey with you. Tag along we all might learn something.
So, whats been happening in my Roadside Life? Ive had a few IED's of life. Job related stuff, sleeping is still a challenge, I'm up to 5 pills a day some days (Thank you VA docs). How about you? Any IED's of life blast at you this Holiday season? Lets face the facts, even for normal people the holidays are always a mad rush, and anyone who doesn't take mind altering drugs (prescribed medications for those who would take this out of context) should seriously consider it. If I would ever need to describe what PTSD is like to someone who doesn't know, well, stand in the middle of the mall 3 days before Christmas and try ask someone if they have the time. he he. Craziness. I have been spending loads of time going to oddly scheduled appointments for the VA. 1 day its at 3:30 in the afternoon, the next schedule is 3 weeks later at 7 am on a Saturday. With a different doc. For the follow appointment from the one 3 weeks prior. Madness I tell you. At least civilian doctors can schedule you with the same person, more than once in the same year. I also had the extreme pleasure of a Doctor tell me that my TBI diagnosis was, well, not really all that correct. Apparently the region that I had it diagnosed in does a different test to determine the diagnosis, and the region that I moved to does it differently. SO, I had to take a battery of screenings again. Only to find out that they will not count the screenings because I apparently scored to low on a memory portion of the test, in relation to the rest of the test. Which, is the exact diagnosis I had in the first place 3 years ago. Needless to say I will be appealing that decision when I get that rating back. Madness.

Well, on a good note, the VA is adopting a newer more stream lined approach to individual vet care. I hope it works, I really do. Many of us struggle with an overwhelmingly huge bureaucratic machine that attempts to do the right thing. Many vets do not have my experiences, or some of the experiences that you have told me about. However, it is all of our responsibilities to call out the deficiencies, help each other out, and demand that we get taken care of the way it was explained it would work right before we departed for the combat zone. I remember that briefing all to well, and I will continue to fight to get there.

How did everyones Holidays go? What was challenging? What went well? What didn't? Leave a comment or email me and tell us about it. I'm also still looking for a list of "apps" for those Smart phones that I can post for everyone.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Im back.

PTSD and Mild TBI are a real bitch. More to follow.


Friday, September 24, 2010

My message

Hello and thanks for checking this blog out. I'm trying to get a message out. PTSD and Mild TBI are some tough hurdles that service men and women are dealing with when returning from the war zone. After the welcome home parties and the Hero phase, these people need our help. Be kind and patient as they slowly adjust to a new normal.

Thank you.

I will be getting on a regular posting schedule in a few weeks.